Elite College Camps


 How old do I have to be to participate?

Our camps are NCAA compliant, which allows us to restrict by age and gender only.  You must be female with a high school graduation year of 2020 through 2024.

 My daughter is a highly talented 2025 player, can she attend even if I sign a waiver?

Unfortunately, no.  We understand that many players exist that may be able to participate and compete but to be fair we stick to this rule and to remain in compliance with the rules we have established in observance of the NCAA.  On this same note, this is an advance camp and we can not deny any player within the age group to participate, we strongly suggest that parents of players new to game contact the camp director to make sure they understand the pace of this camp.

 Do you offer team discounts for siblings or players on the same team?

We do not as this is also part of the compliance rules that exist.  Each player is offered a camp t-shirt but no special discounts or camp scholarships exist.  It is a violation for college coaches to participate in camps that offer scholarships that cover free or discounted entry.

 My daughter dream school is on the list, can we request she be placed on the field that coach is working?

Unfortunately, not.  As you can imagine we would receive many requests for specific coaches and it is far too difficult to honor those requests.  She still may be assigned to that coach as she will be able to work directly with 8 different coaches that are attending the camp.

 What makes your camp different than others?

We are unable to speak about the quality or validity of other camps but we all know that your options are many, we also know that the quality of many camps are in question.  At PGF, we have a great reputation and relationship with college coaches at every level and across the country.  Coaches commit to participate in our camps based on our structure, organization and history of players participating.

Our camps are run by college coaches only, you will not see drills or instruction by anyone but a college coach.  Our camp director Mario Moreno, is involved directly in College Softball as the Director of Softball Operations at the University of the Pacific, his relationship with the coaching community and camps is brought to PGF to facilitate a quality event.

 The new recruitment rules are very confusing, can my daughter speak to coaches and give them material such as profile sheets etc?

Absolutely, these are “Non-institutional” which allows “one on one” or group conversations during and after the camp, even parents can speak with coaches but we do ask that parents do not speak with the coaches during the camp time as not to disrupt the flow and time structure of the camp. 

How do these new recruiting rules impact this camp, my daughter is not yet a high school Jr. 

This camp is referred to as a “non-institutional camp”.  These coaches can work the camps, talk directly to the players but as far as D1 coaches, they can not speak to them specifically about “that players recruitment” situation in relation to their school.  These coaches are still following these players, can work with them, watch their games but just not have recruiting conversations.

 I see the camp is scheduled for a little over 4 hours, what is the structure of the camp?

Our camp is set as an advanced player camp as listed here.
1st hour… Defensive work and drills
2nd hour…Live hitting
3rd hour…Live games
4th hour…Lave games with a new set of coaches, we have a 15 minute break to allow for coaches to switch fields, intro’s and then play live games for the remaining hour.

 How many players are accepted to your camps?

Even though we anticipate a large number of players to register for our camps, we never put more than 30 players per field.  Each field is run independently of the other.  So for example, if we have 120 players registered, we are running at least 4 individual camps on 5 different fields.  We supply all of our fields with quality equipment (Balls, Nets, T’s etc) to run a quality event.  Each field has 4 college coaches, a D1 player (helper) and after the 3rd hour, the staff moves to another field to work with a new group, this give the players an opportunity to meet and work directly with 8 different coaches from 8 different schools.

 My daughter is a pitcher/catcher, I do not see any specific session for them

Many of our coaches integrate pitching and catching during the defensive or offensive sessions, should they not do this, we have two hours of live games where the pitchers throw live and catchers catch live games.  The pitching session is for pitching evaluation and is separate from the player camp.

 My daughters’ team is participating in another tournament in the area, what happens if our game times conflict with the camp times?

As stated, we run our events in conjunction with the 1st to 3rd PGF event on this specific weekend.  Game times for this event will not conflict with the camp time.  We have no control of other events, that would be between you and your coach to decide if you can attend the camp should there be a conflict.  Please refer to the cancelation policy should you need to cancel due to a conflict.

 What is your refund policy?

If the entire Camp/Clinic is cancelled due to rain or some other unforeseen event, all but a $50.00 per camper fee will be refunded due to pre-camp/clinic fixed expenses.

• Refunds requested prior to June 14th are subject to a 20% processing fee
• If you withdraw from the camp for any reason after June 14th 2019 your camp fees will be totally non-refundable.
•In lieu of a refund you may transfer your entry to another player, there is a 10% processing fee for this. This is only possible if the camp is not full and the new player meets the registration requirements. Participation in another tournament that may be a conflict is still subject to this policy.

 I have a question not covered here in FAQ, can I speak with someone directly regarding the camp?

Yes, feel free to email our camp director Mario Moreno at dhbatting@yahoo.com  Please list your question and a phone number for him to reach you to discuss your question if he is unable to cover the answer via email.  Please do not email or call PGF employees or directors regarding the camp, they will only direct you to our camp director.

Contact camp director Mario Moreno via email at: dhbatting@yahoo.com and make sure you include a cell number in your email.